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Please allow me to pay by credit card. I don't have paypal account. In our country we can't have paypal.

Please, leave your comments in this section.

I'm using it in some of my GC1 projects, this integration is fantastic.

 Are you going to do the integration for GC2?

 I would pay double for it :D

Thank you for your purchase. Currently I am trying to make it less cumbersome, with less actions and the same/ more functionality, instead of having an action for every single type of variable I have a single action that gets all local variables from gamecreator and so on.... after this I'll start working in gc2

Thanks for the feedback, congratulations for the work, I hope more people can contribute and recognize this great tool you created to integrate both asset

I also will be awaiting the GC2 version! Thank you so much for all your hard work!